Are You Missing Out On These Pleasures Because You’re a Big Woman?


Ultimate Secrets Revealed:
How To Thrill Your Lover and Enjoy Great sex, No Matter What Your Size

You can’t be too rich or too thin,” society tells you. Or no, society doesn’t “tell” you.

Society screams at you. You’re bombarded by the blaring message daily.

It comes at you like a gale force wind, or at least some kind of wind. You’re screamed at to be thin from the covers and pages of magazines. You’re shouted at from our TV screens. You’re blasted from billboards. You hear it constantly: if you want to be beautiful, sexy, and desirable, you must be thin.

As if hearing this message isn’t bad enough, you’re also assaulted with images. Everywhere you look, you see pictures of slender women-women who could quite likely fit inside one thigh of a large, curvaceous woman. It is these slender women-the ones with the flat stomachs (where DO women get stomachs that flat?), who are depicted in romantic, sexual situations. It is these slender women who are shown in passionate embraces.

So what is a big beautiful woman to do?

From The Boudoirs of
Andrea Rains Waggener &
Nancy Anne Eltrich.

Dear Voluptuous Vixen,

Are you fed up with feeling like you can’t be good in bed because you’re a large woman? Do you feel unattractive and not at all sexy? Do you despair of ever having the kind of sex life you read about in books and see on TV?

We understand! We’ve been there.

But we’re not there anymore. Yes, we’re big. But who cares? bbw-authors

Our husbands think we’re sexy as all get out, and we have great sex whenever we want it. Want to find out how you can have it too? Keep reading.

You know what we’re talking about, don’t you? You feel the same frustration we do, we bet.

But even if you’re a big woman, you still want to be romantic and sexual, right? You still want passionate embraces. You still want to be panted and drooled over.

Not sure how to get what you want? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

Given the “be skinny or be sex-deprived” message that you’re constantly facing in our society, it’s no wonder you think you need to diet to be a sexy woman. While dieting, though, you mostly think about your weight, don’t you? You think about the food you can’t have. When you’re not dieting, you’re thinking about how you should be dieting. Isn’t that right? We bet you spend most of your time thinking about the food you’re eating that you shouldn’t be eating or thinking about the food you want to be eating that you’re not eating. It’s not much fun, is it?

With all this focus on dieting, on trying to listen to society’s loud and vehement message about the right way to be beautiful and sexy, how in the world do you have any time to think about actually being beautiful and sexy? And even more important, how do you have time to think about having sex?

Lovemaking is, obviously, revealing and intimate. Good lovemaking is even more. It’s passionate. It’s sensual. It’s wild. It’s fun. … Or at least it’s supposed to be.

But are you enjoying this kind of lovemaking?

If you’re like most big women, probably not. Why? Because you’ve gotten the message that you aren’t built right to have a good time in bed, you’ve probably convinced yourself that you have nothing to contribute to an intimate partnership. You can’t let in pleasure because you’re too filled with doubt, or even sadder, self-loathing.

Well, how about changing all that? How about joining us to start a new sexual revolution?

  • How to keep past hurt and rejection from ruining lovemaking in your current relationship
  • The secret to FINALLY accepting yourself exactly the way you are
  • Why thinking about your lover and lovemaking all day long instead of food (or lack thereof) will give you the kind of sex life you’ve only previously dreamed about
  • The one thing you MUST know about what your man needs if you want great lovemaking
  • The best way to get over performance anxiety (and have fun doing it!)
  • How you can use food to improve your sex life-find out which foods are the magic love potions you need for incredible lovemaking
  • A simple way to use something you probably take for granted to jumpstart the kind of wild lovemaking that can last all night
  • Tips and tricks for turning your big beautiful body into an invitation for sex that your man will NOT be able to turn down
  • Ways to keep your lovemaking great for the rest of your life
  • How to touch your lover in ways that will make him your willing sex slave
  • Proven oral strategies that are low calorie and high pleasure.
  • Specific suggestions for lovemaking positions that guarantee the heights of pleasure
  • Hot ideas for how to take your lovemaking delights out of the bedroom.

Andrea Rains Waggener holds a B.A. in Psychology from The College of William and Mary. A former newspaper columnist, Andrea is the author of Alternate Beauty, a chick lit novel about an obese woman who finds herself in a universe where big is considered beautiful and discovers, for the first time, self esteem and romance when she finally accepts her body for what it is. Andrea is also the author of self help e-book, Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise-52 Life-Changing Lessons for the Twenty-first Century. Andrea has appeared on Fox News Network’s, Fox & Friends and the Pacific Northwest TV shows, Northwest Afternoon and Being In Seattle.

Andrea has experienced sex from both a thin woman’s perspective and a big woman’s perspective. She readily admits that she’s had far more orgasms as a big woman than she ever did when she was thin. (This, her husband would argue, is due to her current partner’s prowess, but she has learned a thing or two about herself through years of dealing with self-esteem issues.) Andrea is enjoying the early years of a new, super-sensual marriage.

“Andrea conveys ideas that plain and simply make your life better. And she does this in a way that is . . . dare I say it? — FUN! She tells stories from her own life that you can truly relate to. And suddenly, you discover that she’s drawn you to a place of understanding something extraordinarily important and valuable. And given you sensible tools and practices.

I encourage you to read everything by Andrea Rains Waggener that you can get your eyes and/or hands on.”

–Sandra Lee,
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“Andrea Rains Waggener is one of the most inspirational authors I’ve ever read. I’ve always been an optimistic person, but her columns and books have made me look much more closely at what I do and why I do it, and how I could do it better. I admire her tremendously.”

–Meg Chittenden,
Lakewood, Washington

Nancy Anne Eltrich graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in both Music and Education from Northern Arizona University, and is a former high school teacher who taught English, Literature, and Writing, as well as Band, Choral Music, and Theory. Nancy and her husband, Tom, have been married since 1978. They agree that if anything, sex is even better now than ever. Apparently practice does make perfect!

As the mother of two grown sons, Nancy has dealt with many different body shapes over the years, with the result that Tom declared that she “is built for comfort, not speed”. Since speed has never been a goal in good sex, what others might consider a drawback has turned out to be a benefit. Nancy and her husband have appeared as guests to discuss their successful marriage on Twin Cities Live.

”Nancy has practical, proven ideas on how to make relationships work. Her direct and open approach toward love and communication has not only made her marriage a success but has served as an inspiration to countless others. What she does works!”

–Dr. Kevin Leman,
author of Growing Up Firstborn and
The Birth Order Book
”By taking responsibility for her own life choices, Nancy Eltrich has managed to set an example and still have fun doing it! Her personal experiences as well as insights into behavior and motivation make her the perfect choice to co-author A Big beautiful woman’s Guide.”

–Lynn Richard,
Marriage Counselor
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
As our bodies might indicate, we love food-especially luscious goodies like chocolate and caramel. But we love sex a great deal more.

And in all humbleness, we’re good at it. Just ask our husbands.

“Big women can be the world’s best lovers. If you don’t already know that, then you should read A Big Beautiful Woman’s Guide to Great Sex to find out why. You will learn more tips and tricks that you thought imaginable to give your man a permanent ear-to-ear grin. After reading A Big Beautiful Woman’s Guide to Great Sex, I now wish my wife was a big woman.”

–Michael Webb
Best-selling author and founder of

“Very interesting and lots of food for thought!!! I am so impressed with this book because it tells straight out how so many woman must feel inside and no one else knows! I went from 5′ 7″ 115 lbs at 18 years and modeling for stores and photographers to 5′ 7″ and size 18 at 56 years. People still tell me I “look nice” but I feel like a blob of fat! Feeling ugly and feeling guilty because you are not losing the fat does have a stong impact on one’s self esteem. Great job Andea & Nancy!!!”

–Kitty (last name withheld for privacy)

Sensuously yours,

Andrea Rains Waggener

Nancy Anne Eltrich